09 September 2017

New Tile Floor

If you look at this earlier post you can see how much work this floor was.   It is all done now and here are pictures of the tile.

This little floor drain will save my floor if the water heater ever leaks or releases pressure.  There was nothing like this before and that is why my other water heater rusted out in the burner section.  The floor was also trashed and swelling up in this bathroom as well.  

My wife came up with the design for how she wanted the tiles oriented here in the living room.  I really like her idea.

I am most proud of this area.  The cold air return was in the floor.  It was horrible and you had to literally walk over it.  I put it up into the wall like it should have been done from the start.

I sill have to do some painting but the tile work is done.  My knees and back are so trashed right now.

I laser leveled the whole floor.  The floor was probably about 2 in out of level before I fixed it.  The back door would never open and close right.  I now have a new back door.

I tore out the wall seperating the kitchen and living room.  Now we have a multi-purpose kitchen / living room.  

Here is the new ceiling fan I installed and the can lights.  This room is much more inviting now.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful work! I love the design and orientation of the tiles, and I really like how you opened up the walkway between the living room and kitchen.