03 August 2017

Here are some pictures of my plumbing work.  The old laundry room was such a stupid set up.  All the gas lines and water lines were coming out of the floor.  I made all that come out of the walls now.  The dryer vent was snaked all over in the crawl space. I vented the dryer directly out the wall. 

I built a little platform for my W. H. to sit on so I can get it back in before the floor is done.  Also, that way the W. H. doesn't have to come out if the floor ever needs to be worked on.  I put in a floor drain by the W. H. so when I drain it I don't have to run a hose out the door all the time.  I re-worked the gas lines, water lines and drain lines.  I had to cut all that out when I put in new joists to strengthen the floor.  I am glad I re-worked it because I put it back in better than it was.  I fixed a leak in the drain that the "professionals" had put in years ago when I called them out to rough in my new bathroom.  When I first bought the house I didn't know anything about plumbing.  Now I know enough so I don't have to call out the professional rip off artists just to move some water lines, gas lines, or drain lines.  I will go back down and insulate all the water lines when I insulate the floor again.

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