29 July 2017

New Roof

Here is the old roof.  Here were the problems:
  1. shingles were probably 20 - 30 years old
  2. There were like 5 layers of shingles.  It's kind of hard to tell how many layers exactly there were because after about 3 layers all that junk just bakes together.
  3. Rafters were sagging at mid- span.  Gee, who would have known a 2 x 4 rafter spanning 14' would sag under 5 layers of shingles and countless snow storms after 80 yrs.  Their solution:  Keep piling on more layers of shingles.  My solution:  See below
  4. Soffit was trash.  Birds were nesting in the attic
  5. Idiots who framed the addition on the house didn't know how to establish ridge heights.  Result:  roof didn't plane correctly and looked like it was collapsing in valley.
  6. Much of the old wood was experiencing dry rot.
  7. Tops of walls were not level because house was not put on a level foundation.

Here is my solution.

  1. Strip shingles.  I will never shingle over another layer of existing shingles.  
  2. Install new 2 x 6 rafters against old rafters.  Giving the roof more strength.  Install 5/8" sheathing over rafters

It was nice to have the roof dried in.  We did get rained on one night before it was dried in but the damage was minimal.  Why is that board bracing the electrical service entrance conduit?  Oh, let me tell you a little story.  The idiots who put up the electrical service just did the minimal, cheapest low quality job they could.  When the guys that were helping me strip the roof went to take off the boards on the rafters the stupid thing started to fall down.  Long story short: I installed a new service entrance.  Now I don't have to worry about it tearing off my house anymore. 

Here she is in all her glory.  With all that unexpected electrical work with the service entrance, I thought it would be a great time to put in soffit lights as well.  

Here is that new service entrance I was talking about.  Installed by your's truly.

 I ended up putting in a new door after this picture was taken.  I wish you could see the new door.  It will probably be in another blog post.

The old lights were in the wall.  I like them better up in the soffit. That j-box cover is there just because I didn't want to replace the siding.  The soffit lights are all on a brand new grounded circuit with brand new romex.  Bye bye aluminum wiring with no grounding wire.  One less chance that my house will burn down now.

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Alan Cheney said...

You have done such a wonderful job, remodeling your home!