09 July 2015

Porch Extension

The house here had hail damage on the roof.  My  neighbor was hired to replace the existing asphalt shingle roof with a metal roof.  He hired me to extend the roof and make a porch.  Before I started there was just a gable over the doorway.  I made the trusses because the porch had to be done in 3 days so they could put their new metal roof over it.  I couldn't wait on somebody else to make the trusses so I did it.
I took my sweet time framing the porch because they are leaving all the framing exposed.  It was a nice little roof.  Everything planes fine, the porch is square, the posts are plumb, and the beams are level.


Chip said...

Looks great!

Alan Cheney said...

Thanks for signing this with us. Mom and I really liked what you have done.