25 July 2010


I went back to work for the summer framing for Ben Barney. The residential construction market is not like it was a few years ago when I was working for him. Only the strong and the lean have survived the housing crisis. The price of labor is dirt cheap right now. I'm basically working for fun but it beats what I was doing last summer. He put me in charge for a few weeks while he and his other lead man went on vacation. This is a decent size rambler with a walk-out basement in Pleasant Grove. It was fun to work with mis antiguos amigos mexicanos who still work for him. This house was fun to frame.


Chip said...

This house turned out nice! Looks like you did a great job being in charge.

Mrs. Darden said...

Wow, how long did this one take you to frame, three days? This looks good Jo Nathan. I look forward to riding bikes with you this week.

Andrea said...

Espero tu visita tambiƩn en mi blog :)