29 April 2010

Back Yard fence my house

Well, ever since I did the fence on the side of my property I have wanted to do the back fence. So when the heavy winter snow knocked down the old garbage that was back there my neighbors decided to take me up on my offer to do a new fence. So here it is. I have to thank everyone who helped me out. Now I have fence lust and I want to do the other side fence. We'll see if I can con the landlord of the ajoining property into buying all the materials if I do all the labor.


Alan Cheney said...

From Mom: Way to improve the neighborhood!!! It is so professional, strong and good looking (kinda like you). The best thing is the improved relationships with your neighbors.

Mrs. Darden said...

I love the fence. Where did you get the new yard? It looks great!

Chip said...

Love the arial shot from the roof.