13 March 2010

Twin over Full Bunks

I finished the twin over full bunk I started a little over a week ago. I have been scrambing like a mad man on cocaine but the beds went together nicely. I have a few little tricks up my sleeve that make my work go faster. Those idiots at Home Depot have to be so sick of seeing me there every day exchanging broken router bits or exchanging the wrong size bolts or hauling more lumber in the back of my Honda Civic than these wanna-be rednecks who drive lifted Double Extended Cab Super-Hemi Duramax Cummins Power Strokers will probably ever haul in thier lives. How many times have you seen a truck like the one I just described with something actually IN IT???


Mrs. Darden said...


Tino is always making that same comment about those trucks who people drive around just for show. Lovely work on the bunk beds. I can't wait to see your fence postings!!!

Alan Cheney said...

From Mom: I love what you made me, but just like you, you have improved on it with this latest design. whoever sleeps here will be safe comfortable and using space efficiently.