25 February 2008

Carpentry projects

Hello. My name is Jonathan. I am posting pictures of carpentry projects I have done. I work as a residential framer. I like to make furniture also. I'm new at this blogging thing so forgive the initial awkwardness.

I built this deck at my parents house a few Christmas ago. I harvested the logs from the forest and de barked them myself with a scraper. The deck is just 2 x 6 joists lagged into the logs. The decking is just 2 x 6 studs on top of the joists. My mom just stains it to keep the water from destroying it.

This is me framing the roof on my tool house. I figured out how to cut the rafters the old school way.

These are cabinets I made inside of my tool house. They are nothing more than MDF. It is like a little kitchen inside. I love all the storage space. At the time of this photo I had not installed the drawers yet. They are in now. I only wish I had made more drawers. They are so convinent.

This is a picture of a house I did in Saratoga Springs. It is the first house I framed as foreman of a crew.

This is a house in Draper. The porch roof looks retarded because it is bieng held up temporarily because as much as I begged and pleaded I couldn't get any of the morons above me to get the pourch cap poured so I couldn't put my columns in yet.

This is a house i framed in Spanish Fork.


randy said...

That is some very nice work. It all looks great.


Alan Cheney said...

I really enjoyed looking at your carpentry projects. That was the first time I have been able to see the inside of your shed.