26 February 2008

Carpentry Projects Furniture

I made this dresser out of Birch with Pine drawers. The drawers are 3/4" dovetailed pine with 3/4" pine bottoms. This dresser is way overbuilt and very heavy. There is a lot of wood in this dresser. It was my first piece out of hardwood. I designed it also. I design all my pieces.

This is a picture of some shelves I did in the shed below which I also did. My friend had the floor framed for his shed but he wanted me to build the rest of it. I even gave him a little attic in the rafters in which he can store more things.

These are shelves I built in my friend's garage. They stick out 2 feet from the wall. The top shelf is 8 feet high. They occupy 16 feet of the garage wall. Now he can get things off the garage floor so he can park his cars inside his garage.

This is a cabinet I made for a lady. She is going to put it above her computer. I don't have the tools to make a raised panel door so I improvised. The doors are still solid wood but just joined together a little differently. Can you see from the picture below how I joined the pieces? No, you really can't. You have to look closely at the cabinet to see how I joined the pieces together. It is not just glue either. It is almost indistinguishable.

The same lady also wanted a ladder display type shelf. So I designed this for her. The face frames give it all its strength. I use face frame construction in all my shelves and dressers and cabinets.

These are tombstone night stands I did for my little brother. Now he and his future wife can rest in peace knowing that if a satellite falls out of orbit and lands on their apartment and smashes the roof in at least what they put in their tombstone night stands will be spared. These are heavy I could barely pick up the carcasses (cabinet body) on my lomo (back) without the drawers. Again I used face frame construction, solid wood construction except the back which is way thicker than it should be, and dovetailed drawers.

The top drawers will be nice to hold watches, keys, cell phones, coins or whatever you carry in your pockets. A lamp could sit nicely on top. The bottom drawers could hold hand guns or files or sleeping pills or even dumb bells. I don't know what the slides are rated for but the drawer boxes could hold them.

This little shelf here goes along with the two dressers you will see below. I designed it like this so it wouldn't tip over so easily. I believe little girl's play horsies now occupy the shelves.

Here are the two matching dressers. You can really see the detail of the dovetailed drawers here.


randy said...


This is all amazing. I hope a lot of people can see this. You should get all the email addresses off forwards and send them your blog site to get buissness.


Alan Cheney said...


I really like the variety of your furniture and the verbal descriptions

Sleepless in SoCo said...

I want those tombstone night stands!