27 March 2019

It has been a long, miserable, wet winter.  As you can now see the foundation is poured, forms are stripped and the foundation is back-filled.  It took me forever to get the floor up to grade and compacted.  

New bathroom will go here.

 I got the fill all compacted and leveled out.
 I laid down 2in rigid foam insulation too keep the floor from feeling to cold.  I hope it works.  I put grade stakes in the middle of the floor and established a wet screed.  Then I screeded from each side.  This time my screed board was only about 8' long.  It was a much better way than using a longer screed like when I poured my garage.
7 cubic yards in 1 day.  I had two helpers and myself.  It almost killed me but at the end of the day the slab is done and I am extremely satisfied by the outcome.  The only way I could have gotten a smoother finish would have been to rent one of those helicopter trowels.  The floor is going to be getting tile so the concrete finish isn't that critical.

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