07 December 2009

Bunk Beds

I had about a week off classes over Thanksgiving break and the weather was lovely so I shot my wad of cash on some 4 x 4's and made a bunk bed I had always wanted to make. I made all the joints of mortise and tenon style. The bed has 6 18"deep drawers under each bunk. Now I can throw away the rinky dinky trash dressors in my room and me and Chippy can store everything that was in the dressors in the bunk bed drawers. This bed is too heavy. Me and Chip can barely lift it up. But at least one of these nights after a heavy snow when my 70 year old matchstick, chicken-coop roof falls in, Chip and i will survive thanks to this grotesque mamoth of a bunk bed I have made.


Mrs. Darden said...

You are sooooo hillarous. I don't know what is better, your wood work or your write up. I think it is a great idea to use the bunk bed for yourself. At first I thought you were going to use it for your little room. I hope that you guys can get it moved into your room without taking out a wall.

randy said...

Well at least you will be protected from the cave in. The beds look really good.

Alan Cheney said...

Mom says: Jonathan you could be an author. The bunk beds look great. You guys are muscle men to get it moved. Now I won't worry about you and Chip if there is a Provo earthquake.